URSI Commission F Microwave Signatures 2010

The microwave community is invited to participate in this meeting and present new research results and instrument designs in the field of microwave remote sensing of land, ocean and atmosphere. Suggested topics are listed below but consideration will be given to papers on other related subjects.

* Theory and physical principles and models of emission, scattering and absorption from the Earth’s atmosphere and surface
* Inversion of microwave data and retrieval of atmospheric and surface parameters
* Microwave observations of the atmosphere (temperature, water vapor, clouds, rain, pollutants) and the surface (soil and vegetation, ocean, ice, snow)
* Polarimetry and applications
* SAR techniques and applications
* Observation from advanced satellite systems
* Potential new applications for climate and global change
* New technological development (receivers, antennas, calibration)
* Anticipated missions (field campaigns and spacecraft)

Contact Information
Dr. Simonetta Paloscia