Smart Ice Cloud Sensing

Smart Ice Cloud Sensing

Webinar Speaker: Dr. William Deal, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Dr. William Deal

About the Webinar

The Instrumentation and Future Technologies (IFT) Technical Committee is offering a monthly webinar series featuring talks on cutting edge remote sensing instrumentation technologies organized by its 7 working groups. This webinar is organized by the Passive Microwave Group and introducing Smart Ice Cloud Sensing.

Smart Ice Cloud Sensing (SMICES) that will enable both multi-angle and multi-resolution measurements of cloud ice particles size and shape within the tropospheric temperature and water vapor profile context. This will improve understanding of tropospheric events including hurricanes, tropical deep convections, tornadoes and storms. SMICES will combine an active radar, with passive multi-band radiometers and sounders using an intelligent backend and control system. SMICES will maximize the scientific outcome by performing multi-angle and multi-resolution measurements of interesting tropospheric features and optimizing the volume of collected data by using a footprint overlap high resolution mode for the radiometers, a track-and-lock algorithm for the radar, and a reconfigurable wide-band high-resolution digital spectrometer to produce sounder channel spectra. These three system characteristics enable feature-dependent and incidence angle-dependent resolutions resulting in efficient acquisition of high-resolution measurements. The intelligent feature detection enabled by SMICES, including observational locking capability and the multi-angle and multi-resolution measurements, will enable the detection of ice particles at different sizes, distribution and granularity with a fine vertical resolution of 500 meters. The use of the spectrometers enable collocated temperature and water vapor profiles measurements needed for evaluating and constraining climate model simulations of ice cloud processes.

Speakers’ Bio

Dr. Bill (William) Deal is a Fellow of the IEEE. Dr. Deal received the Outstanding Young Engineer Award in 2009, and the 2012 IEEE MTT-S “Tatsuo Itoh” Best Paper Award for his work on Sub-Millimeter Wave Electronics and the 2015 George I. Smith Award for best IEEE Electron Devices Letter.

Dr. Deal is a staff engineer in Northrop Grumman’s RF Product Center where he is involved in the development of MMIC electronics. For the last seven years he has been actively involved in pushing MMIC operating frequencies into the Submillimeter wave range. Under his technical leadership, the operating frequencies of InP HEMT low noise amplifiers and power amplifiers have increased to 670 GHz have been demonstrated. Bill has led the development of the first transistor-based receivers and transmitters operating in the Submillimeter wave frequency band. In addition to MMIC design, Bill’s technical interests include modeling, metrology and packaging of MMICs operating at Submillimeter wave frequencies.
He earned his B. S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Virginia in 1996, M.S. and Ph.D. degree from University of California, Los Angeles in 1998 and 2000, respectively.