Publishing in Nature: a Remote Sensing and Climate Perspective

Thursday, July 30, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Michael White, Nature Publishing Senior Editor
Sponsored by GRSS


Publishing in Nature: a Remote Sensing and Climate Perspective

The inner workings of high profile journals can be mysterious. How do they decide what to publish, or even to send out to review? How is the process managed? What are the odds of getting published? Do they publish papers only in the interests of being controversial and getting press coverage? And who makes the decisions? Michael White discusses the overall journal processes and specific themes behind the remote sensing and climate science research published in Nature over the past decade.


Dr. Michael White is a Senior Editor in Physical Sciences at Nature handling Climate Science submissions. Prior to joining Nature in 2008, Dr. White was professor at Utah State University, focusing on research in terrestrial ecosystem modeling and remote sensing as it pertains to large-area ecology, terrestrial carbon cycle and land surface phenology.

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