MultiTemp 2011

In the last decade a large number of new satellite remote sensing missions has been launched resulting in a dramatic improvement in the capabilities of acquiring images of the Earth surface. This involves an enhanced possibility to acquire multitemporal images of large areas of the Earth surface, with improved temporal and spatial resolution with respect to traditional satellite data. Such new scenario significantly increases the interest of the remote sensing community in the multitemporal domain, requiring the development of novel data processing techniques and making it possible to address new important and challenging applications. Nonetheless, the properties of the images acquired by the last generation sensors (e.g. very high geometrical resolution, large time series of images, etc.) pose new methodological problems that require the development of a new generation of methods for the analysis of multitemporal images and temporal series of data. This is common to both passive (multispectral, hyperspectral, etc.) and active (synthetic aperture radar, lidar, etc.) sensors.

The potentials of the technological development are strengthen from the increased awareness of the importance of monitoring the Earth surface at local, regional and global scale. Assessing, monitoring and predicting the dynamics of land covers and of antrophic processes is at the basis of both the understanding of the problems related to climate changes and the definition of politics for a sustainable development. The enhanced capability to perform multitemporal analysis of local areas at a very detailed scale is put beside these global themes and represents another strategic area of application.

The goal of MultiTemp 2011, as well as the ones of the previous editions, is to provide a forum of discussion of scientific, methodological, and application issues related to multitemporal data analysis. The workshop aims to push novel solutions for technical problems related to the analysis of multitemporal data and to promote the use of the multitemporal images in an ever increasing number of strategic and challenging applications, strengthening the connection between the scientific community and the end-users.
In this perspective contributions are welcome from the methodological community dealing with novel technologies and methods for data analysis as well as from the application sectors focusing on using multitemporal data in practical settings.

Workshop Topics

Contributions on all the issues related to multitemporal data processing, to the analysis of time series acquired by passive and active sensors and to the related applications are welcome, including:

  • Multitemporal image calibration, correction and registration techniques
  • Multitemporal image analysis techniques
  • Classification of multitemporal data
  • Analysis of time series
  • Data mining in time seriesChange detection methods
  • Change detection accuracy assessment
  • Multitemporal SAR and InSAR data analysis
  • Fusion of multitemporal data
  • Land-cover and land-use dynamics
  • Phenology monitoring
  • Applications of multitemporal data and time series
  • New satellite missions for acquiring time series

Important dates

Extended Abstract (2-4 pages): 25 February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 30 April 2011
Registration Opening: 30 April 2011
Submission of camera ready papers: 15 June 2011
Early Registration Deadline: 15 June 2011

Contact Information

Prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone