GRSS Webinar: Enhancing Optical Satellite Sensor Performance using Signal Processing Approaches – Dr. Shen-En Qian

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
2:00PM US Eastern Time
Speaker: Dr. Shen-En Qian, SM-IEEE, FSPIE, FCAE Canadian Space Agency

Want to learn more about enhancing optical satellite sensor performance using signal processing approaches!


In order to reduce the risk, shorten the development period and lower the cost of space missions, scientists and engineers at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) have pioneered signal post-processing technology to enhance satellite sensor performance. Building satellites with considerably high performance is a challenge, as this could be prohibitively expensive or constrained by available technologies. Dr. Qian and his team at CSA have invented a series of cutting-edge technologies to enhance satellite sensors’ performance by improving key satellite parameters, such as signal-to- noise ratio (SNR) and spatial resolution using innovative signal processing technologies. Four patents have been granted in USA and Europe and near 20 papers on this subject have been published. They have demonstrated that it is feasible and cost-effective to enhance satellite sensor performance using signal processing approaches. In this lecture, Dr. Qian will briefly introduce a number of innovative signal processing based technologies developed at CSA for improving satellite sensors’ SNR and for increasing spatial resolution by exploiting the sensor’s intrinsic characteristics. He will also show the experimental results of the technologies in the evaluation and validation process, and demonstrate how the satellite data acquired by low performance satellites can better serve the remote sensing applications and military target detection after the enhancement using the technologies.



Dr. Shen-En Qian received his Ph.D. in Telecommunication and Electronic Systems in 1990. He is currently a top Canadian government scientist and technical authority at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). He provides leadership to industry and academia in advancing Canadian space programs. He is an internationally recognized expert in optical spacecraft payloads, space technologies for satellite missions and deep space exploration, remote sensing, satellite signal processing and enhancement, on-board satellite data compression and data handling. He has over 30 years of experience in these areas. Together with ISO Technical Committee members from NASA and the European space sector, he has developed three international standards for spacecraft data systems. These standards have benefited over fifty space missions. Dr. Qian holds 35 patents worldwide developed in Canadian government laboratories. He is the sole author of two books on satellite signal processing (Optical Satellite Signal Processing and Enhancement; Optical Satellite Data Compression and Implementation) and a co-author of four other books. He has led around 200 experts in the world (NASA, ESA, CSA, JAXA, etc.) and edited a must-have handbook “Optical Payloads for Space Missions“. He has published over 100 scientific papers and produced 100 unpublished proprietary technical reports. The Governor General of Canada awarded him the prestigious Canadian national award “Public Service Awards of Excellence“, the only individual recipient in the category of Scientific Contribution. He was the first recipient of the Canadian Government Invention Award at the CSA. He received the Marie Curie Award issued by the European Union. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal for the Applied Remote Sensing. He is an adjunct professor at York University. Dr. Qian is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), a fellow of the International Society of Optics and Photonics Engineering (SPIE), and a Senior Member of IEEE.