EARSeL 7th Workshop of EARSeL Special Interest Group “Imaging Spectroscopy”

Conference Site: www.earsel2011.com/Welcome/

Imaging spectroscopy (IS) brings a new dimension to the field of remote sensing by enlarging the envelope of point spectrometry into a spatial domain. It now provides a tangible perspective for adding spatial detail to spectral information, thereby enhancing the thematic application of spectral recognition algorithms. This capability can be provided either from far or close distances, such as those acquired by satellites or by microscopic sensors, respectively. Whereas the former is used for mapping the earth from space, the latter is used for mapping micro targets such as microorganisms and cell bodies in order to account for their biochemical processes in a spatial domain.

  • Existing and future orbital IS sensors
  • Existing and future airborne IS sensors
  • Image processing methods and tools
  • New analytical techniques
  • Data fusion
  • Calibration and validation
  • Towards commercialisation of the technology
  • Applications in terrestrial ecosystem remote sensing
  • Applications in inland water and hydrology
  • Coastal and marine ecosystem applications
  • Atmospheric applications
  • Climate change and IS technologies
  • Urban applications
  • Agriculture
  • Geology and soils
  • Hazards and risks