Development of application Solutions Hub in Earth Observation Industry

Development of application Solutions Hub in Earth Observation Industry

Webinar Speaker: Dr. Tao Guo, VP at Piesat Co., Ltd., China

Dr. Tao Guo

About the Webinar

The increasingly advanced Earth Observation (EO) technologies are driving explosive growth in EO data. However, the operational application solutions tend to lag behind the emerging techniques and EO data available. It turns out that the capacity of integrating all resources available to form solutions is very significant to EO industry, and there is a great need for a hub to accommodate solution development and also to facilitate capacity building, in particular for developing countries.

In order to enhance the integration capacity of EO industry and enable prototyping of a cooperative platform for the development of application solutions, based on cloud computing technology, we propose an initiative of application solutions hub in EO industry to incorporate the advantages of various practitioners and promote better application of EO products and services, as well to foster the adoption of the innovative technologies. This hub will enable easy accessing and sharing of a wide range of EO resources and also create an attractive and transparent forum for practitioners and stakeholders to release their concerns and interests to form a virtuous circle for the sustainable development of EO industry.

In this session we will explore some latest EO technologies and applications, and share the lessons learned from the previous efforts of technology transfer and engineering implementation, then address the issues from technology to solutions, further we discuss the idea to establish an operational application solutions pool for EO community, which would be also able to serve as a interactive media for industrial social networking to improve the efficiency of cooperation and integration among industrial and academic communities, governments, international organizations, enterprises, and various stakeholders.

Speakers’ Bio

Dr. Tao Guo received his doctorate from the University of Tokyo and has been working as a research scientist in the Geo-spatial information industry for more than 25 years. He has published about 40 academic papers and is the inventor of about 20 international patents. Dr. Tao Guo is an active advocate for applying technologies for ecological environment protection and has been long engaged in many eco-environment related projects across China, Thailand, Japan, EU and others countries. Dr. Tao Guo joined Beijing Piesat Information Technology Co,Ltd. as a vice president from ETH Zurich in November 2017 and now dedicates his efforts to bridge the industrial community with the society for environmental protection and sustainable development with a special focus on decision-making supports, he has been an invited speaker at many international conferences.

Beijing Piesat Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Geo- spatial information enterprise in China focusing on research and development of satellite technology applications (Remote sensing and navigation satellite) and provides professional services including software systems R&D, technical consulting, system design and integrated geospatial solutions for various applications, such as meteorology, marine, water, land, forestry, agriculture, environment, emergency and disaster response, surveying and mapping, navigation, to name a few. Piesat has ISO9001, CMMI L3 certification and AAA credit rating.

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