American Meteorological Society – 90th Annual Meeting

The 90th AMS Annual Meeting will be held 17–21 January 2010 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Eric Barron, Ed Olenic, and Marshall Shepherd are the 2010 Annual Meeting Cochairpersons, leading the organization of the meeting.

The 2010 Annual Meeting is being organized around the broad theme of “Weather, Climate, and Society: New Demands on Science and Services.” Recent international, national, and regional assessments, as well as recent observed trends, make it clear that the weather and climate of the twenty-first century are unlikely to be comparable to what human and natural systems have adapted to during the twentieth century. Currently, global societies are struggling to address adaptation and mitigation issues related to changes in ecosystem services and socioeconomic services compounded by ongoing and projected changes in climate and weather extremes. Nonstationary (evolving) weather and climate present many scientific and service challenges. Increased predictive capabilities are becoming more critical for protecting life and property, promoting economic vitality, national defense, and enabling environmental stewardship. Weather and climate services, including communication with users of the data, data management, forecasts, projections, and education, are likely to play an increasingly important role in the development of socioeconomic and defense policies, industrial and military operations, and the motivation for the emergence of new economic opportunities.

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