5th EARSeL Workshop on Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone

Conference Site: www.earsel.org/SIG/CZ/5th-workshop/index.php

It is now widely acknowledged that coastal zones, including inland waters and land-ocean interfaces, represent a fragile environment, sensible to climate changes and human activities. However, current capabilities of remote sensing methodologies are often far from quality requirements which are necessary for monitoring environmental parameters in coastal zones both in terms of accuracy and temporal or spatial resolution. The 5th workshop focuses on the impact of recent climate changes on European coastal zones and inland waters, and on the contribution which new technologies and methodologies can give to improve the capabilities of the remote sensing to operate in coastal zones to detect climate changes and rapid (interannual) variations of key coastal environmental parameters.


  • changing terrestrial run-off into coastal waters
  • escalation of extreme coastal events: floods, storms, high tides
  • hydrology and water budget evolution of rivers and lakes
  • increasing temperatures in inland and coastal waters
  • impact of vaying physical forcing on morphodynamics and ecosystems
  • new developments of habitats, biodiversity and alien invaders
  • fluxes and fate of seawater constituents, including pollutants
  • role of Coastal Zone Management in adapting to climate change