25th International Cartographic Conference

In 2011, France will host the 25th Conference of the International Cartographic Association, marking the fiftieth anniversary of the first General Assembly of the Organization. During these fifty years, the ICA has skilfully remained true to its two fundamental objectives, namely, to maintain its position as the benchmark international conference for cartography and geomatics, thanks to its solid and progressively updated scientific content, whilst remaining a conference which is open to a variety of participating groups: researchers, decision-makers in the field of geomatics, teachers and lovers of cartography.
To this end, the conference is structured in four segments:

  • The conference proper, comprising some 500 oral presentations over five days, organized in themed sessions which reflect the twenty-eight commissions and working groups of the ICA.
  • Scientific workshops organized by the commissions of the association.
  • An exhibition for the presentation of the players involved in geomatics: suppliers of softwares, hardware, data bases and maps, consultancy firms, geomatic educational institutions or publishers.
  • Two exhibitions of maps, one showing the most recent products from some fifty countries, and the other of children’s drawings.
  • In its organization of the ICA in July 2011, on the theme of an Enlightened view on Cartography and GIS, the French Committee of Cartography is seeking to combine thematic diversity, high-quality contributions and an up-to-date content:

  • Diversity will be ensured by the thematic variety of the twenty-eight commissions and working groups, ranging from the most theoretical (theories of cartography and spatio-temporal modeling) to the most practical (production lines, new softwares, participative data bases and NeoGeography or data law).
  • The quality of contributions will be ensured by a process of selection which will encompass both a leading-edge scientific audience and a broader public, thanks to the delivery of three types of presentations:
    • reference presentations, selected from full-length papers by the scientific committee, will be published in a scientific volume for distribution at the conference
    • selected presentations from abstracts. These papers will be published in digital form
    • posters will also be produced in digital format
  • The latest scientific and technical developments will be extensively represented, with an emphasis on new theories and practices associated with cartography, geomatics and information technology. Consideration of the links between Web 2.0 and geographic information will have its place, as will the links between art and digital cartography.

By inviting the major scientific and industrial players in the fields of Cartography and GIS to Paris in 2011, we hope to provide all parties with a better insight into both the history and the current state of our field, together with an opportunity to participate in the future development of a sector which is essential to public security, the sustainable development of the entire planet and the fulfilment by each individual of their role as a global citizen.


President of the Conference Organizing Committee

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