2017 GRSS Young Professional event in Brazil

Recently, the collection of both airborne and terrestrial LiDAR data acquired over a range of environments has been increasing considerably. Although providing an unprecedented amount of data, there is consensus that the tools/techniques for extracting useful information from these datasets as well as the use of proper multivariate statistical methods are still lacking. Additionally, LiDAR fundamentals and data processing as well as advanced multivariate statistical analysis are topics usually not covered in detail in both undergraduate and graduate Remote Sensing courses, both worldwide and specifically in Brazil.

The goal of the Young Profession event organized by GRSS thanks to the GRSS Brazil Chapter, in conjunction with a ISPRS Summer School, is to expose young professionals to new LiDAR processing and multivariate statistics techniques and to develop a vision for enhancing their own professional and research careers using LiDAR. Employing a combination of lectures, hands-on tutorials, and group discussions, the young professional event and the summer school will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the state-of-the-art of both LiDAR processing and advanced multivariate statistic techniques, and to foster a network of brilliant young researchers, building a multi-disciplinary working group.