1st EARSeL SIG Forestry workshop: Operational remote sensing in forest management

Prague, Czech Republic, 2 – 3 June 2011
in the framework of the 31st EARSeL Symposium 2011
A number of sensors, tools and methods were developed in the field of forestry remote sensing during the last decade. However, the practical utilisation seem not to be enough considered by the forest (national park) administration and other potential users.

The event aims at setting up the common forum for the research community and people from the forestry sector, where both the operational techniques as well as developing methodologies can be presented and understood in order to improve the forest management and protection practices in Europe.

Main topics:

  • forest resource mapping, biomass estimation and change detection
  • forest inventories, biophysical parameters
  • REDD, forest damage/ degradation related to climate change
  • biodiversity, protected forests, mountain forestry
  • acquisition of reference field data

Methods and tools:

  • active/ passive sensors including VHRS, hyperspectral, radar, ALS, TLS, …
  • data from satellite, airborne platforms and their combinations
  • image processing and related aspects