GRS-S is excited to announce a pilot project running at this years’ IGARRS conference. We are working to support live broadcasting of events through our website. Presentation materials will be digitized and uploaded to accompany the live video feed. We are striving to lay the ground work for a future that allows all members of GRS-S to learn, interact, and participate in events around the world.

The Goals

  • To extend the reach of our community to people who cannot attend our events
  • To encourage greater attendance at future events by educating our community about the quality of content presented
  • To give our leading researchers an opportunity to share their knowledge with the greater community
  • To utilize technology to increase the quality of our events and presentations by encouraging feedback and interaction from the community

Your Participation
Participation is voluntary and opt-in. We will be broadcasting live from 2 rooms at this years’ IGARRS event.

If you are presenting in Coral Room I or II, you may (any of the following):

  • Be broadcast live on the GRS-S website
  • Have us upload your presentation files so that users may follow along while watching the broadcast
  • Have us record audio of your presentation for archival purposes and present it on the GRS-S website for users to view and download at a later date. (Coral Room II only)

To include your presentation on the website during the live broadcast, we will need a copy of your powerpoint or pdf no later than the morning of your presentation. Files may be uploaded at any point before the conference at The files may also be delivered in person the day of the conference. More details will be posted as soon as they are available.

To be included in any way on the website we require a simple release form to be signed. The file may be signed in person at the event, or online at

We look forward to this opportunity. It is your expertise and knowledge that makes our community strong. We appreciate the chance to feature your research, and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to
email us