Ad Hoc Committee for Standards in Earth Observation


Standards activities provide a proven path to advancing technology implementation and are a natural extension to the technical activities carried out within IEEE Societies and Councils.

In 2017 the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society formed the Standards for Earth Observations Technical Committee to support the development and promotion of technical standards related to the generation, distribution, and utilization of interoperable data products from remote sensing systems. By 2020 the committee had sponsored five standards development projects with the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA).

Recognizing the uniqueness and importance of standards work within GRSS, in 2021 Standards in Earth Observations became an Ad Hoc Committee. The Committee will continue to foster the creation of standards that address identified needs. This is being accomplished by:

  • Liaising with the GRSS Technical Committees to identify where standardization of a remote sensing product or service could lead to greater adoption in some target market
  • Engaging representatives from remote sensing companies, research institutions, and standards laboratories in standards development activities that it sponsors
  • Exploring the creation of working groups within Standards Development Organizations such as IEEE, OGC, CEOS, and ISO
  • Soliciting sponsors for standards development work
  • Performing education and outreach to maximize standard adoption


The scope of the GRSS Ad Hoc Committee on Standards for Earth Observations includes all types of Earth-observing systems and products. Standards development efforts will be undertaken via an open consensus process by an appropriate Standards Development Organization.

Membership is open to all interested parties.


The Ad Hoc Committee on Standards in Earth Observations encourages participation from all its members.


Dr. Siri Jodha Khalsa
National Snow and Ice Data Center


Mrs. Betty Evans
Maxar Technologies


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