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Antonio Ruiz-Verdú

Antonio Ruiz-Verdú was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1970. He received the Biology degree in 1993 and a Msc on Water and Environmental Engineering in 1995. In 1996 he joined the Spanish Centre for Hydrographic Studies (CEDEX), where he participated for eleven years in the water quality survey of Spanish reservoirs and lakes with remote sensing techniques, in applied research projects on inland water optics and in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. In 2008 he joined the National Institute for Aerospace Research (INTA) in which he was centred in the design and execution of airborne remote sensing campaigns for satellite sensor’s validation and environmental research. Since 2013, he is research assistant in the Laboratory for Earth Observation (LEO) at the Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) of the University of Valencia (Spain) and centers his activity in the development and validation of water quality algorithms for current and incoming satellite missions.

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