Terminology for Microwave Radiometry

Work started several years ago in the context of CEOS to develop a reference for the terminology used in microwave radiometry. Although the work is not entirely complete, a document containing the current compilation has been published in the form of a NIST technical note: “Recommended Terminology for Microwave Radiometry” NIST Technical Note 1551, by Randa, et al, 2008. The document is available at the NIST website.

A copy is provide here for reference ( Download)

The plan was to have four chapters focused on different technology.

  1. Chapter 1: General Terminology (complete; Included in TN 1551)
  2. Chapter 2: Real Aperture Radiometers (complete: Included in TN 1551)
  3. Chapter 3: Polarimetric Radiometry (nearly complete; Included in TN 1551)
  4. Chapter 4: Interferometric Radiometry (not started)

This information is intended to supplement the following references:

  1. International Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms, Second edition, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Switzerland, 1993.
  2. Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Switzerland, 1993.

We would like to complete Chapters 3 and 4 and request your help:

  1. Chapter 3: As you use this material let us know of definitions that are either missing or incorrect.
  2. Chapter 4: We need to build this chapter. Please send a list of terms that should be included with or without proposed definitions. We will develop a draft from your input.

Thank you.

David Le Vine

email: David.M.LeVine@nasa.gov