Radio-Frequency Interference Identification Over Oceans for C- and X-Band AMSR2 Channels

A new method for radio-frequency interference (RFI) contamination identification over open oceans for the two C-subbands and X-band of Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer 2 (AMSR2) channel measurements is suggested. The method is based both on the AMSR2 brightness temperature ( T_{B} ) modeling and on the analysis of AMSR2 measurements over oceans. The joint analysis of T_{B} spectral differences allowed to identify the relations between them and the limits of their variability, which are ensured by the changes in the environmental conditions. It was found that the constraints, based on the ratio of spectral differences, are more regionally and seasonally independent than the spectral differences themselves. Although not all possible RFI combinations are considered, the developed simple criteria can be used to detect most RFI-contaminated pixels over the World Ocean for AMSR2 measurements in two C-subbands and the X-band.