Postdoctoral research fellow in GIS and remote sensing

Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Norway
Deadline: April 3, 2017

The research at Department of Geography is closely related to research groups in Physical geography; Environmental and landscape geography; Development geography; Economic geography, regional development and planning; and System dynamics. Scientific background in one or more of the special areas of research among these groups is essential. (

GIS, cartography and RS have a central role in teaching and research at Department of Geography, and teaching experience in these fields at bachelor and master level is an advantage. In particular we welcome applicants that have experience with combining GIS and RS, and can contribute to developing the departmentĀ“s courses in these fields. The Department of Geography uses software such as ArcGIS, PCI Geomatica, e-Cognition and ERDAS Imagine in teaching, and the successful candidate should be an experienced user in several of these softwares, preferably all. Experience with databases and automation of workflows, such as scripting, is an advantage. GIS and remote sensing is rapidly advancing both methodologically and technically. Hence, the successful candidate should be well acquainted with the latest advances and eager to explore new possibilities (e.g. use of Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA) and acquisition and processing of 3D point clouds from airborne and terrestrial LIDAR and drones) within these fields. Experience with photogrammetry, DEM generation, post-processing and analysis, is regarded positive.

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