PhD in Forest 3-D characterization using SAR tomography

IETR, University of Rennes, France
Deadline: March 29, 2017


  • M.Sc. in Elec. Eng., Remote Sensing, Signal and Information Processing, Telecommunications…
  • Basic knowledge in at least 2 of the following fields : radar, remote sensing, signal and information processing, wave propagation.

SAR tomography is a coherent imaging technique from which may be derived 3-D maps of the electromagnetic (EM) reflectivity of complex environnements, and which revealed particularly well adapted to forest characterization (to estimate height, density, underlying ground topography, biomass). It will be implemented for the first time in a spaceborne radar context, in the frame of ESA's Earth Explorer mission BIOMASS, to be launched in 2020. In particular, studies conducted at CESBIO showed that robust biomass estimators could be derived using P band data, over tropical forests in French Guyana. An analysis jointly led by IETR, IRSTEA and CNES further refined this approach and established an analytical realtionship using a simplified structural model.

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