Full Professorship (W 3) for Remote Sensing in Geo-/Environmental Sciences and GFZ Section Head position

University of Potsdam, Faculty of Science, Institute of Geosciences, together with the Institute for Environmental Science and Geography, Germany
Deadline: April 15, 2020

Scope of the Position:
Representation of Remote Sensing in research and teaching at the University of Potsdam, with a focus on Earth and environmental sciences, in addition to heading the section “Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics” at the GFZ.

The successful candidate will significantly advance interdisciplinary remote sensing research in Earth System Science, and enhance GFZ’s leading role in hyperspectral satellite missions.

He/She/They will lead and develop an established, interdisciplinary and internationally connected team with more than 40 employees, within the framework of the GFZ’s overarching objectives.

Requirements Include:

  • An outstanding, internationally recognized scientific record in the field of remote sensing.
  • Doctoral degree in geosciences or environmental sciences
  • Outstanding expertise of optical remote sensing with special focus on imaging spectroscopy
  • Research focus in remote sensing of Earth surface processes and properties (e.g. matter fluxes, water and carbon cycles, natural hazards, land degradation, mineral resources)
  • Scientific interest in the development of remote sensing sensor technology and analysis methods for remote sensing data
  • Preferably expertise in additional remote sensing domains (e.g. radar remote sensing, multi-sensor approaches)
  • Proficiency in acquisition and direction of large, third-party funded projects
  • Experience in leading a large interdisciplinary research group
  • Proven competence in the areas of management, and personnel development / career advancement of young people
  • Teaching experience in the field of remote sensing
  • Knowledge in the supervision of qualification theses (BSc, MSc, PhD)

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