For Viewers

The IGARSS 2012 conference will be broadcast live from 6 rooms this year. Presentors from those rooms will be adding their presentations to the schedule throughout the week of the conference. Check back often to see which presentations are available for viewing. More information about the conference can be found at the IGARSS 2012 website.

After the event has concluded, archives of the broadcasted presentations will be made available here on the GRSS website for on-demand viewing.

For Presenters

Submit your Presentation

If your presentation is in one of the following rooms, your may be included in the live broadcast. To be included you need to add yourself to the viewing schedule and include some information about your presentation.

Broadcast Rooms

  • Room 3
  • Room 5
  • Room 11
  • Room 13
  • Room 14b
  • Room 14c

You need to create an account before you can submit your presentation. This takes just a few seconds, and upon completion you’ll be able to add your presentation information.

Your Presentation Powerpoint Files
Our system displays your presentation files along side the video stream for an enhanced viewing experience for our users.  You will be prompted to upload your presentations files. Our system integrates with which handles the web conversion and hosting of the files.

File Type
You may upload a: pdf, ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx, key, doc, docx, Apple iWork Pages, txt

File Size
The max file size allowed is 100mb. That said, the smaller your file is the faster it will upload and convert. Ideally your presentation file should be no more than 20mb.

To ensure a small files size, only use lo-res images in your slides. High res images will not increase the quality, and will only increase the size of your file.

Remove any animations or videos from your file before uploading> Slideshare does not support embeded content.

Visit for more help with your presentation files.