What’s the general number of members in a team?
The GRSS Grand Challenge requires a Student Chapter or Branch to be created, so we anticipate that many members of the team will also be associated with the formation of the Chapter.  In general, 12 members are needed to form a Chapter but they do not all have to be members of the student Chapter (see below).  For information on forming a Chapter:
The new Chapter/Branch can be a joint Chapter/Branch and in general we encourage expanding beyond local focus within GRSS.

If selected, does the entire team need to be members of the GRSS student chapter?
No.  Additional resources can be provided by a professor endorsing the project, sponsorship by a company, or others.  Projects will not be evaluated based on their budget.  However, creation of the Student Chapter is a requirement.

Is the smartphone app a significant part of the project?
Yes, the smartphone app is required.  The drone, plus the sensor(s), plus communication channel drone-to-cell or drone-to-base station then to cell phone is also a ‘must’.  The project must be interdisciplinary in nature ‘not just the app’ as well.

How about the potential consultation/support from the local faculty/scientist/engineer? Is that positive or negative for the proposal?
Additional resources can be provided by a professor endorsing the project or sponsorship by a company.  With the award we expect that you should be able to purchase a small drone and create the end-to-end system within your group without extra financial support.

Can the strategic theme selected be other than the ones suggested?
Yes it is possible, the list provided in the announcement was just to give very general examples.  Please let us know your ideas and path forward in the application.

Is this prize (US$6000) everything that is awarded to each of the five selected teams to implement and to travel to the event?
Yes, the planned award is intended not to exceed the amount of US$6000.