Hofstra Professor David Weissman’s Weather Radar Exhibit Displayed at The Cradle of Aviation Museum

Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY – Engineering Professor at Hofstra University, David Weissman, created a weather radar station innovation that was unveiled at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, New York on May 9, 2009. This opportunity emerged when the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Foundation funded his proposal from Hofstra University. This enabled Pratt Institute to design and build the exhibit with their students serving as volunteers. The museum officials coordinated this team to produce the exhibit. These collaborators contributed the advanced level information and visual content that conveys an accurate representation of the science and techniques upon which practical systems and instruments are based.

“This joint endeavor is intended to give the visitor an enjoyable experience as well as providing accurate content, that can challenge and guide young, inquisitive minds,” said Weissman. “The goal is to help young museum visitors develop an interest in engineering and design by interacting with a simulated weather radar station exhibit.”

The Cradle of Aviation Museum recognized the need to amplify the “science and technology” content within the exhibit hall. The collaborative team hopes the exhibit will contribute a new, interactive, science-oriented radar exhibit and a process model for additional affordable interactive exhibits. The Cradle of Aviation Museum will display the exhibit indefinitely.

Although the exhibit has been designed to be of interest to all, the Cradle of Aviation Museum is primarily targeting ages 11-14. Using simulated-radar technologies, the exhibit allows them to have a hands-on experience, in which they can experiment with measuring the intensity of various weather scenarios. The exhibit contains moving representations of different rain intensities, a pulsed radar beam, audio/visual instructions and statements about their proficiency.

Hofstra University is a dynamic private institution where students can choose from about 145 undergraduate and 155 graduate programs in liberal arts and sciences, business, communication, education and allied human services, and honors studies, as well as a School of Law.

There is also a video summarizing the exhibit.

Introduction to IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society

Prof. David Weissman has created yet another display in an electronic kiosk at the museum that teaches museum-goers about what GRSS members do. See it here. View a video about the exhibit.