Tutorials and Documents

GRSS offers selected technical and general tutorials on various topics. Some of these are free to the general public, while others require membership in IEEE-GRSS in order to view them.

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GRSS Remote Sensing tutorial DVD #1 (in English and Spanish)

Overview Tutorials

Remote Sensing for Beginners: Sentinel-2
This introduction for beginners covers the reasons behind remote sensing and what we are doing about it.

Remote Sensing Tutorial offered by NASA
This Remote Sensing Tutorial will help you understand what is measured by sensors on spacecraft looking toward the Earth and at other planets, other galaxies and, going back in time, the cosmos.

Remote Sensing and Radiation Principles from the National Open University of Nigeria

A variety of tutorials from ASPRS

Lectures and tutorials from EDUSAT IIRS Dehradun

Canada Center for Remote Sensing

Principles of Remote Sensing
This tutorial is part of the “Space View of Asia, 2nd Edition” CD-ROM produced by the Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP) at the National University of Singapore.

Remote Sensing Tutorial In Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English
This Tutorial for Education and Training is one of the strategic lines of action that the project TELECAN wants to make available to all organizations, businesses or home users interested in remote sensing in order to encourage its use to improve the quality and competitiveness of products generated and to promote consolidation or creation of technology-based companies.
The tutorial is available in 4 languages:


100 applications

Learn How To Map Trees Using Satellite Imagery

Satellite Habitat Mapping

Detection and Monitoring of Marine Pollution

Coral Reefs

Land Use and Land Use Change


Natural Resources Management

Ocean Currents

Ocean Coastal Zones

Earth Spectra

Remote Sensing using Lasers

3D Remote Sensing

SAR Tutorials

Introduction to Lidar, Radar, Sonar

Entire SAR curriculum from DLR.

Canada Center for Remote Sensing: Radar Polarimetry Tutorial

“Models and Information Formation in Multichannel Radar remote Sensing Imagery,” Carlos López-Martínez (IGARSS 2007)

“SAR Polarimetry: Basics, Processing Techniques and Applications,” Pottier, E., and L. Ferro-Famil (IGARSS 2008)
Part 1,
Part 2

“Radar Interferometry,” Paul Rosen (IGARSS 2004)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11

LIDAR Tutorials

“Introduction to LIDAR Remote Sensing Systems,” Francesc Rocadenbosch (IGARSS 2007)

US Forest Service: Remote Sensing Applications Center
A series of tutorials on using Lidar with forestry applications.

Introduction to Lidar Remote Sensing, Hongxing Liu

Airborne Altimetric Lidar, Bharat Lohani

Radiometer Tutorials

“Microwave Aperture Synthesis Radiometers for Earth Observation: Application to the SMOS Mission,” Adriano Camps (IGARSS 2006)

Introduction to Radiometry, Graham Brooker, The University of Sydney

Hyperspectral Tutorials

Introduction to Hyperspectral Imaging from Microimages

Supervised Classification of Hyperspectral Data

Introduction to Hyperspectral Imaging Technology from Excelis

Hyperspectral Tutorials on a variety of topics from Richard Gomez

Multispectral Tutorials

Information extraction from high resolution optical satellite sensors (ISPRS 2008)

Interpreting Optical Remote Sensing Images from the Singapore Center for Remote Imaging, Sensing, and Processing

Processing Techniques

Data Fusion Tutorial (In Spanish)
This tutorial is a broad introduction to the topic of Data Fusion, with a few examples from from Paolo Gamba’s experience in urban Remote Sensing. In other words, it explains what “data fusion” is and what levels of data fusion can be applied to remotely sensed data in a rather introductory but comprehensive way. After providing the theoretical principles of data fusion, for each level the tutorial provides a detailed analysis of several real world examples of applications.

“Signal and Image Processing for Remote Sensing,” C.H. Chen (IGARSS 2008)
Part 1,
Part 2,
Part 3,
Part 4.

A Quick Guide to Open Source Geospatial Tools
A quick search of the web garners a massive list of tools that are freely available to you for a wide array of tasks related to geospatial applications. How do you get started? This article introduces a handful of the applications that are available, grouped according to task. These concepts and applications are discussed further in his book Web Mapping Illustrated.

GIS Basics from Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access

Many GIS tutorials from GISTutor.com