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Year Name Title Link
2015 Jakob Sigurðsson Hyperspectral Unmixing Using Total Variation and Sparse Methods PDF
Pedram Ghamisi Spectral and Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Data Abstract
Richard Focke Investigating the Use of Interval Algebra to Schedule Mechanically Steered Multistatic Radars Abstract
2014 Rasti Behnood Sparse Hyperspectral Image Modeling and Restoration Abstract
Michael Schmitt Reconstruction of urban surface models from multi-aspect and multi-baseline interferometric SAR PDF
Craig Tong Commensal Radar Signal Processing Chain Abstract
2013 Felipe G. Nievinski Forward and Inverse Modeling of GPS Multipath for Snow Monitoring PDF
Jeanine Engelbrecht Parameters affecting interferometric coherence and implications for long-term operational monitoring of mining-induced surface deformation Abstract
Roaldje Nadjiasngar On improving the performance of the Gauss-Newton filter Abstract
2011 My-Linh Truong-Loi Potential of a low frequency SAR system operating in compact polarimetry (in French) PDF
Xavier Bosch-Lluis On the design of microwave radiometers with digital beamforming and polarization synthesis for earth observation Abstract
2010 María Piles Multiscale soil moisture retrievals from microwave remote sensing observations PDF
2009 Alessandra Monerris Experimental estimation of soil emissivity and its application to soil moisture retrieval in the SMOS mission PDF
Yunus Abdul Gaffar Ground based ISAR imaging of sea vessels with 3-D rotational motion: Selection of imaging intervals for cooperative and non-cooperative vessels Abstract
Lionel Bombrum Développement d’Outils et de Méthodes de Télétection Spatiale Optique et Radar Nécessaires à la Haute Résolution Spatiale (in French)
2008 Guray Erus Reconnaissance d’Objets Cartographiques dans les images satellitaires à Haute Résolution (Cartographic Object Recognition in High Resolution Satellite Images) (in French) PDF
Marc Brooker The Design and Implementation of a Simulator for Multistatic Radar Systems Abstract
Giampaolo Ferraioli Multichannel SAR Interferometry based on Statistical Signal Processing PDF
Alberto Martinez-Vazquez Snow cover monitoring techniques with GB-SAR PDF
Ferdinando Nunziata Single- and Multi-polarization Electromagnetic Models for SAR Sea Oilslick Observation PDF
Roberto Sabia Sea Surface Salinity Retrieval Error Budget within the ESA Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission PDF
Gabriel Vasile Imagerie Radar à Synthèse d’Ouverture interférométrique et polarimétrique: Application au suivi des glaciers alpins (in French)
2007 Josep David Ballester Berman Retrieval of biophysical parameters of agricultural crops using polarimetric SAR interferometry PDF
Beatriz Aja Abelán Amplificadores de banda ancha y bajo ruido basados en tecnología de GaAs para aplicaciones de radiometría (Analysis, design and characterization of broadband low noise amplifiers in GaAs PHEMT technology with application to the radiometer Back-End Modules for the Planck Low Frequency Instrument) (in Spanish) Abstract
Andreas Colliander Development, Calibration and Applications of Polarimetric Microwave Radiometers for Remote Sensing Abstract
Mathieu Fauvel Spectral and Spatial Methods for the Classification of Urban Remote Sensing Data PDF
2006 Kemal Unggul Prakoso Tropical forest mapping using polarimetric and interferometric SAR data PDF
2005 David García Vizcaino Sistema láser de medida de velocidad por efecto doppler de bajo coste para aplicaciones industriales e hidrodinámicas (in Spanish) Abstract
Jordi Portell i de Mora Payload data handling, telemetry and data compression systems for Gaia Abstract
Pradip Kumar Mukhopadhyay Three-dimensional Borehole Radar Imaging Abstract
Thanh Ngoc Tran Including spatial information in clustering of multi-channel images PDF
Paul Edward Racette Radiometer Design Analysis Based Upon Measurement Uncertainty PDF
Serni Ribó i Vedrilla Calibration Validation and Polarimetry in 2D Aperture Synthesis. Application to MIRAS Abstract
David García Vizcaíno Sistema láser de medida de velocidad por efecto doppler de bajo coste para aplicaciones industriales e hidrodinámica (in Spanish) Abstract
2004 Nicolau Pineda Rüegg Avaluació amb imatges de satèl.lit de les propietats físiques del sùl requerides en models meteorològics (in Portuguese) Abstract
Matteo Sgrenzaroli Tropical forest mapping at regional scale using the GRFM SAR mosaics over The Amazon in South America PDF
Carolina Gabarró Prats Study of salinity retrieval errors for the SMOS mission Abstract
Ramón María Villarino Villarino Empirical Determination of the Sea Surface Emissivity at L-band: A contribution to ESA’s SMOS Earth Explorer Mission Abstract
2003 Carlos López-Martínez Multidimensional speckle noise: Modelling and filtering related to SAR data Abstract
Joan Bech Rustullet Anâlisi observacional i modelització numèrica de les condicions de propagació atmosfèrica dels ecos de radar meteorológic (in Portuguese) Abstract
Yuliya Tarabalk Classification of Hyperspectral Data Using Spectral-Spatial Approaches
Joan Manuel Verdú Arnal Análisis y modelización de la respuesta hidrológica y fluvial de una extensa cuenca de montaña mediterránea (río Isábena, Pre-Pirineo) (in Spanish) Abstract
François Soulat Sea Surface Remote Sensing with GNSS and Sunlight Reflections PDF
2002 Alan Langman The Design of Hardware and Signal Processing for a Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave Ground Penetrating Radar Abstract
Pere Serra Ruiz Dinâmiques del paisatge agrari a l’Alt Empordâ (1977-1997): Una anàlisi a partir de la teledetecció i dels sistemes d’informaciù geogràfica (in Portuguese) Abstract
Marcos Portabella Arnús Wind Field Retrieval from Satellite Radar Systems Abstract
Estel Cardellach Sea Surface Determination Using GNSS Reflected Signals Abstract
2001 André Jalobeanu Models, Bayesian estimation and algorithms for remote sensing data deconvolution Link
María de la Vega Pérez Gracia Radar de subsuelo: Evaluación para aplicaciones en arqueología y en patrimonio histórico-artístico (in Spanish) Abstract
2000 Alejandro Flores Jiménez Atmospheric Tomography Using Satellite Radio Signals Abstract
Juan Manuel López-Sánchez Análisis y estimación de parámetros físicos de vegetación mediante polarimetría radar (in Spanish) Abstract
Richard T. Lord Aspects of Stepped-Frequency Processing for Low-Frequency SAR Systems Abstract
1999 Jasper M. Horrell Range-Doppler Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing at VHF Frequencies Abstract
1996 Francesc Rocadenbosch Burillo LIDAR Sensing of the Atmosphere Abstract
Adriano José Camps Carmona Application of Interferometric Radiometry to Earth Observation (Note: in case of missing fonts, to properly view the pdf, please contact the author directly) Abstract
1991 Juan Manuel Rius Casals Sección recta de blancos radar complejos en tiempo real (in Spanish) Abstract