How To Book A Speaker


The Distinguished Speakers program is a service of the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society to support our chapter activities. The Program provides GRSS Chapters with talks by experts on topics of interest and importance to the Geoscience and Remote Sensing community and it is structured so that Chapters will incur little or no cost. The GRSS will provide funding for up to two speakers per chapter per year and funds are handled entirely between the IEEE and the Lecturer.

In order to initiate a visit, it is recommended that the Chapter Chair first make contact with the DL and discuss a tentative date and draft a proposed budget. The Chapter Chair should then contact the Program Chair to obtain approval for the trip. A formal application form is available below. Requests by the Chapter Chairs must be approved by the Program Chair prior to making an official commitment to the Lecturer.

The Distinguished Lecturer pays for the travel and is reimbursed by IEEE/GRSS. Currently, the Society will reimburse Distinguished Lecturers up to $1,500 for presentations to Chapters located inside the DL’s IEEE geographic region. Travelling outside the DL’s geographic region is reimbursable up to $3,000. To receive reimbursement, the lecturers are required to keep all expense receipts and submit them electronically as part of an IEEE expense report form.

New for 2015: Regional Speakers: Distinguished Lecturers are available in some areas to lecture in the local language. These individuals are identified at the end of their biography bv the words “regional speaker” and the language available.

How to Book a Speaker

The following are the steps to book a speaker.

1. Chapter contacts the speaker and arranges details of the visit;
2. The Chapter submits a proposal to the chair of the Distinguished Speaker program. This should include (see application form):

  • Speaker’s name with title and abstract for talk;
  • Description of event (e.g. chapter meeting);
  • Travel plan (details of travel to be funded)
  • Budget (airfare, rental car, hotel, meal allowance, etc)*

3. Chapter and Speaker are informed by the GRSS of approval;
4. Event takes place;
5. Reimbursement to Speaker

  • Speaker submits IEEE expense voucher for reimbursement;
  • Voucher must conform to approved budget;
  • IEEE/GRSS reimburses speaker.

Application Form

Click here to fill out an application online.


For questions contact Distinguished Speaker program chair, David Le Vine (