Image Analysis and Data Fusion


TheĀ Image Analysis and Data Fusion Technical Committee (IADFTC) of the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society serves as a global, multi-disciplinary, network for geospatial data fusion, with the aim of connecting people and resources, educating students and professionals, and promoting the best practices in data fusion applications.

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The committee maintains this site and distributes an e-mail newsletter to all committee members on a regular basis. The IADFTC has two main activities:

  • organization of a special session held annually during the IGARSS meeting, gathering cutting edge contributions and covering various issues related to data fusion, such as: pan-sharpening, decision fusion, multimodal data fusion, data assimilation, multi-temporal data analysis, ensemble methods, etc.
  • organization of the Data Fusion Contest, a scientific challenge held annually since 2006. The Contest is open not only to IEEE members, but to everyone, with the goal of evaluating existing methodologies at the research or operational level to solve remote sensing problems using data from a variety of sensors.