Description: The GRSS established the Outstanding Service Award to recognize an individual who has given outstanding service for the benefit and advancement of the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society. The award shall be considered annually and presented if an outstanding candidate is identified. The following are suggested factors to be considered in selecting the individual.

Administration: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (IEEE GRSS).

Eligibility: GRSS membership is a requirement. Individuals who have received the GRSS Distinguished Achievement Award are not eligible within 5 years. Eligibility and the selection process shall comply with procedures and regulation established in IEEE and Society governing documents, particularly with IEEE Policy 4.4 on Awards Limitations.

Award Item: Certificate.

Frequency: The award shall be presented annually to one recipient, provided a qualified candidate is nominated.

Funds: The award is funded through the IEEE GRS-S budget. The society’s budget includes the amount for this award AND the Society budget is net positive with the inclusion of the award.

Nominee Solicitation: The nomination package must be submitted by an IEEE GRSS member, consisting of the following:

  • A nomination letter, no more than 2-pages in length, from a GRSS member
  • A complete curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • At least 2 recommendation letters from individuals familiar with the candidate’s technical contributions and achievements

Award Committee: The nominations are evaluated and ranked by the IEEE GRSS Major Awards Committee. The IEEE GRSS AdCom approves the award in its spring meeting.

Selection/Basis for Judging: The Awards Committee (MAC) may give preference to an individual who has demonstrated:

  • leadership
  • innovation
  • activity service
  • duration
  • breadth of participation
  • cooperation

Presentation: The award shall be presented at an awards ceremony during the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS, together with other IEEE GRSS awards.

Publicity: A feature publication will be published in the IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing and/or in the GRSS Magazine.

Schedule: The following schedule shall be the guideline:

Dec. 15 nominations are due for awards in the following year
Dec. 20 all nominations sent out to the Major Awards Cmte
Feb. 15 evaluations received from the GRSS Major Awards Cmte
Feb. AdCom approval of the candidate by GRSS AdCom
March 1 notify recipient, request biographical sketch and photo
April 1 order certificate and plaque with citation from IEEE, and send signatures of both GRS-S President and Awards Committee Chair to IEEE Headquarters (allow 2 months)
IGARSS awards presentation (Plenary or Banquet)
Prepare material for NEWSLETTER immediately after IGARSS
Sept. Prepare archival material for TRANSACTIONS

Last Update: November, 2013